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Approach to predictability via anticipated synchronization

Journal: Physical Review E
Year: 2005   Volume: 72
Initial page: 46218  
Status: Published
PDF file: 2005_Ciszak_PRE.pdf
DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevE.72.046218
Ciszak, M., , , Mirasso, C., Toral, R., Pesquera, L., Ortin, S.

Predictability of chaotic systems is limited, in addition to the precision of the knowledge of the initial conditions, by the error of the models used to extract the nonlinear dynamics from the time series. In this paper, we analyze the predictions obtained from the anticipated synchronization scheme using a chain of slave neural network approximate replicas of the master system. We compare the maximum prediction horizons obtained with those attainable using standard prediction techniques.