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EcoGenes: Adapting to Global Change in the Mediterranean Hotspot

Our world is changing in very many ways. In order to survive individuals, populations, species and communities must change. This response to global change can be multifaceted, from shifting ranges, behavior or phenotype, to genomic adaptation via new mutations or introgression. These changes manifest at many biological levels from the individual to the ecosystem. A wide variety of tools and study approaches have been brought to bear on these issues, from genomics and physiology to isotopic analysis, modeling and remote sensing.
The congress Adapting to Global Change in the Mediterranean hotspot (AGCM) will gather a variety of these independent threads to reveal overall patterns, and it will move beyond observations and descriptions on how the world around us is changing, to explore the many ways different organisms respond to that change.
By bringing together researchers who investigate various aspects of this global change and the way individuals, populations and communities respond to it, and who employ a wide variety of experimental and theoretical tools, we hope to make intellectual progress on particular issues and move research in the area forward.

The specific themes that will be addressed are:

Phenotypic responses to global change
Breakdown of species boundaries
Emergent diseases in changing environments
Responses to past global change
Adaptation and speciation in response to changing environments
Biological invasions: from species adaptation to ecosystem responses
Monitoring ecosystems responses
Consequences of global change in biotic interactions
Population responses to global change

This congress will take place on September 18-20, 2013 in Seville, Spain. Programme includes 3 plenary talks and 45 invited oral communications covering the mentioned topics.
AGCM is organized by the Donana Biological Station (EBD-CSIC) within the EcoGenes project, funded under the Research Potential theme of the EU's Seventh Framework Program (FP7). Registration to the congress is free. Lunch can be purchased in advance. The number of participants is limited; applications may be accepted or rejected without debate.
AGCM is by invitation only regarding speakers; however participants are invited to submit a proposal for posters.
We look forward to welcoming you to Seville next September.