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Teaching activities

The group is involved in different pre- and post-graduate programs from Cantabria University, including the official Ph.D. Program on Science, Technology and Computation: Masters of Mathematics and Computation and Physics and Technology, which obtained the quality certificate from the Spanish Education Ministry. Thus, the group offers a good opportunity to undertake high-quality Ph.D. studies in different disciplines.

SubjectDegreesort icon
Data MiningMaster levelMaster in Business Administration (MBA)
Methods of PredictionMaster levelMaster in Business Administration (MBA)
Análisis de Datos con Técnicas no LinealesMaster levelMáster en Físicas y Tecnologías Físicas
EstadísticaUndergraduate levelIngeniero de Caminos, Canales y Puertos
Programación de ComputadoresUndergraduate levelIngeniería Tecnica de Telecomunicaciones. Sistemas Electrónicos
StatisticsUndergraduate levelIndustrial Engineering
Cálculo IIUndergraduate levelGrado en Ingeniería de Tecnologías de Telecomunicación
Optimization TheoryUndergraduate levelEconomics Degree
Numerical MethodsUndergraduate levelComputer Engineering
StatisticsUndergraduate levelComputer Engineering