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Yearsort iconTitleAuthorsConference
2012WRF4G - WRF4SGSCI-BUS 3rd Project Meeting
2012Integración de recursos usando GridWay DRM4GJornadas de Usuarios Infraestructuras Grid
2011Climate change scenarios over Iberian Peninsula from regional climate models: ESCENA projectEGU General Assembly 2011
2011Description of mean fields, interannual variability and extremes in an ensemble of ERA-Interim forced simulations over the Iberian Peninsula: results from the ESCENA projectEGU General Assembly 2011
2011Chaotic dynamics of a two-scale Lorenz'96 model: Multiple evolution regimes and large-scale spatial patternsEGU General Assembly 2011
2011Aggregation of Grid and HPC resources for running huge experiments in climate and weather predictionEGU General Assembly 2011
2011Influence of teleconnection patterns on extreme precipitation indices over Europe: consecutive wet days (CWD) and highest one day precipitation (RX1DAY)EGU General Assembly 2011
2011The analog method as a MOS-like downscaling for ENSEMBLES RCM-precipitation: application over SpainEGU General Assembly 2011
2011Aggregating HPC and Grid resources using GridWay metaschedulerThe 2011 International Conference on Computational Science and Its Applications (ICCSA 2011)
2011WRF model sensitivity to horizontal, vertical and temporal resolution3rd International Meeting on Meteorology and Climatology of the Mediterranean