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YearTitlesort iconAuthorsConference
2007Development and analysis of a daily high resolution grid over Spain for 1950-2003 period7th EMS / 8th ECAM
2007Early and envisioned research uses of the TIGGE data sets7th EMS / 8th ECAM
2007ENSO and seasonal predictability over Europe. Some case studies.7th EMS / 8th ECAM
2007High resolution nowcasting of binary events with generative models7th EMS / 8th ECAM
2007Understanding the interactions between agricultural production and climate variability7th EMS / 8th ECAM
2007Characterization of the spatio-temporal evolution of ensembles of initial perturbationsEGU General Assembly 2007
2006Statistical downscaling portal for ENSEMBLES ECMWF Forecast Products Users Meeting
2004PROMETEO: Aplicación Operativa de Downscaling Estadístico para la Predicción de Fenómenos Locales IV Congreso de la Asociación Española de Climatología
2004Relleno de lagunas y homogeneización de series de precipitación en redes densas a escala diaria IV Congreso de la Asociación Española de Climatología
2004Wind speed downscaling combining mesoscale and neural autoregressive models2004 European Wind Energy Conference & Exhibition (EWEA)