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Yearsort iconTitleAuthorsConference
2009The ENSEMBLES downscaling portal: A user-friendly GRID-based tool for GCM postprocessing and downscalingEighth GO-ESSP Workshop
2009The Climate-G TestbedUK e-Science All Hands Meeting 2009
2009Aplicaciones en Ciencias de la Tierra: vo.meteo.es-ngi.eu 3ª Reunión Plenaria Red Española de e-Ciencia
2008ENSEMBLES statistical downscaling portalACRE Zurich Workshop
2008The statistical downscaling web portal. An end-to-end tool for regional projectionENSEMBLES/AMMA Workshop
2008Extremes in Climate PredictionInternational Workshop on Extreme Events: Theory, Observations, Modeling, and Prediction
2008New Generation of Regional Climate Change ScenariosVI Congreso Internacional de la Asociación Española de Climatología. Cambio climático regional y sus impactos
2008MVL representation of ensembles as a tool for a dynamics-based model comparisonEGU General Assembly 2008
2008GRID workflow management for climate simulationsEGU General Assembly 2008
2008Global atmospheric climate simulations on the GRID. Sensitivity studies of El Niño phenomenonEGU General Assembly 2008