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Yearsort iconTitleAuthorsConference
2007Early and envisioned research uses of the TIGGE data sets7th EMS / 8th ECAM
2007Development and analysis of a daily high resolution grid over Spain for 1950-2003 period7th EMS / 8th ECAM
2007High resolution nowcasting of binary events with generative models7th EMS / 8th ECAM
2007ENSO and seasonal predictability over Europe. Some case studies.7th EMS / 8th ECAM
2007Understanding the interactions between agricultural production and climate variability7th EMS / 8th ECAM
2007Characterization of the spatio-temporal evolution of ensembles of initial perturbationsEGU General Assembly 2007
2006Statistical downscaling portal for ENSEMBLES ECMWF Forecast Products Users Meeting
2004Relleno de lagunas y homogeneización de series de precipitación en redes densas a escala diaria IV Congreso de la Asociación Española de Climatología
2004PROMETEO: Aplicación Operativa de Downscaling Estadístico para la Predicción de Fenómenos Locales IV Congreso de la Asociación Española de Climatología
2004Wind speed downscaling combining mesoscale and neural autoregressive models2004 European Wind Energy Conference & Exhibition (EWEA)