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YearTitlesort iconAuthorsConference
2012Escenarios-PNACC 2012: Resultados de regionalización dinámica8º Congreso Internacional AEC
2012Escenarios-PNACC 2012: Descripción y análisis de los resultados de regionalización estadística8º Congreso Internacional AEC
2012Escenarios de cambio climático regional en Cantabria y su efecto en la Zonificación Agroecológica8º Congreso Internacional AEC
2012A new source of seasonal predictability for the winter climate in Spain8º Congreso Internacional AEC
2012A critical reassessment of statistical downscaling techniques under climate change conditions in Spain: Accuracy, distributional similarity and robustness8º Congreso Internacional AEC
2012WRF bias and sensitivity to PBL scheme over an annual cycle6th ICTP Workshop on the Theory & Use ofREGional Climate Models
2012Assessment of extreme temperature percentiles by means of Regional Climate Models6th ICTP Workshop on the Theory & Use ofREGional Climate Models
2012Skill of raw and downscaled seasonal predictions of monsoonal precipitation from the ENSEMBLES multimodel over Senegal and Ghana4th AMMA International Conference
2012Simple Reservoirs with Chain Topology Based on a Single Time-Delay Nonlinear NodeESSAN 2012: European Symposium on Artificial Neural Networks, Computational Intelligence and Machine Learning
2012WRF post-process tutorial1st CORDEX WRF workshop and CORWES/WRF4G hands on tutorial