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Paper publications

This is a list of papers published by the group. Click here to see statistics related to publications.
Yearsort iconTitleAuthorsJournalStatusPDF
2006Chaos game characterization of temporal precipitation variability: Application to regionalizationFractalsPublished
2006Dynamic scaling of bred vectors in spatially extended chaotic systemsEurophysics LettersPublished
2006Modelización numérica del cambio climático: Bases científicas, incertidumbres y proyecciones para la Península IbéricaRevista de Cuaternario y GeomorfologíaPublished
2006Testing statistical downscaling methods in simulated climates Geophysical Research LettersPublished
2005Predictability, bred vectors, and generation of ensembles in space-time chaotic systemsPhysical Review EPublished
2005Analysis and downscaling multi-model seasonal forecasts in Peru using self-organizing mapsTellus APublished
2005Statistical and dynamical downscaling of precipitation over Spain from DEMETER seasonal forecastsTellus APublished
2005Operational predictability of monthly average maximum temperature over the Iberian Peninsula using DEMETER simulations and downscaling Tellus APublished
2005Nonlinear dynamics extraction for time-delay systems using modular neural networks synchronization and predictionPhysica APublished
2005Approach to predictability via anticipated synchronizationPhysical Review EPublished
2004 Assessing two different climatic models and the NCEP-NCAR reanalysis data for the description of winter precipitation in the Iberian Peninsula International Journal of ClimatologyPublished
2004Clustering Methods for Statistical Downscaling in Short-Range Weather ForecastsMonthly Weather ReviewPublished
2004GRID oriented implementation of Self-Organizing Mpas for Data Mining in MeteorologyLecture Notes in Artificial IntelligencePublished
2004Evolving modular networks with genetic algorithms: Application to nonlinear time seriesExpert Systems Published
2003Improved field reconstruction with the analog method: searching the CCA spaceClimate ResearchPublished