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Data Services: UDG & ESGF

The research activities of the group (including the contribution to several international activities) require the homogeneous access to a number of different climatic datasets of different nature (observations, reanalysis, and global and regional model simulations). In order to facilitate this task and allow user-friendly data subsetting, collocation and post-processing, the group has developed and maintains the following data services:

  • The User Data Gateway (UDG), which builds on a THREDDS Data Server (UDG-TDS) and on a web portal for user authentication and data authorization (the THREDDS Administration Portal, UDG-TAP). In addition to the standard web interface to explore and access the datasets, the UDG includes different (R and Matlab) packages for accessing remotely subsets of the data. A schematic view of the UDG is provided in the figure below.
  • The UNICAN node of the Earth System Grid Federation (ESGF), which builds on the UDG-TDS and provides a number of datasets (simulations with the
    WRF model) in the framework of the EURO-CORDEX simulations.