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Predictability, bred vectors, and generation of ensembles in space-time chaotic systems

Revista: Physical Review E
Año: 2005   Volumen: 72
Página inicial: 15201   Última página: 15206
Estado: Publicado
Archivo PDF: 2005_primo_pre.pdf
DOI: doi.org/10.1103/PhysRevE.72.015201
, , López, J.M., Szendro, I.

Spatial configuration of initial errors strongly affects predictability of space-time chaotic systems. The predictability of numerical models can be adjusted by using prepared ensembles of initial conditions. We present a natural way of preparing ensembles based in using finite-amplitude perturbations with varying correlation. This allows one to take into account the underlying dynamics to generate initial perturbations with spatial correlations varying from fully correlated Bred Vectors to random fluctuations.

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