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11th PLINIUS Conference in Mediterranean Storms

Since its advent, the Plinius topical Conference on Mediterranean Storms has provided a crucial interdisciplinary contribution for improving our understanding of hazardous storms over the Mediterranean basin capable of producing strong winds, heavy rains, explosive landslides, and other related extremes. The objective of the 2009 Conference, the 11th of the series, is to provide an interdisciplinary forum for presentations and discussions of our current state of knowledge, as well as motivating new research and applications within the variety of disciplines related to Mediterranean storms and concomitant human hazards. Experts from these additional disciplines will be able to present their own unique perspectives on how to understand and manage storm-related disasters across the Mediterranean basin.

Issues to be addressed by the 2009 Plinius Conference will generally fit within one of the following 12 topic areas:

Topic 1: Societal Impacts, Risk Management, Responses, and Education
Topic 2: Climate Change Impacts on Mediterranean Storms
Topic 3: Paleofloods and Historical Information Concerning Damaging Mediterranean Storms (floods, tornadoes, heavy winds, ground effects, etc.)
Topic 4: Remote Sensing of Storms
Topic 5: Storm Processes (genesis, cyclogenesis, storm track, precipitation physics, water cycling, etc.)
Topic 6: Mesoscale Modelling and Data Assimilation
Topic 7: Hydrological Processes and Modelling
Topic 8: Flash Floods: From Observations to Forecasting
Topic 9: Nowcasting
Topic 10: Operational Meteorological and Hydrological Forecasting
Topic 11: Air-Sea Interactions, Ocean Waves, and Coastal Surges
Topic 12: Rainfall-Triggered Landslides and Coastal Landslides / Erosion