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Interplay between chaos and external noise in an extended system: improved forecasting due to intrinsic stocahstic resonance phenomena.

Revista: International Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos
Año: 2010   Volumen: 20
Página inicial: 213   Última página: 224
Estado: Publicado
Archivo PDF: 2009_revelli_IJBC.pdf
DOI: 10.1142/S021812741002565X
Revelli, J., , Wio, H.

We have investigated the e®ects of noise on an extended chaotic system using as benchmark the Lorenz'96 model. The analysis of the system's time evolution and its time and space correlations gave us numerical evidence for two distinct stochastic resonance-like behaviors, that become apparent when the signal-to-noise ratio is depicted as a function of the external noise intensity, or the system size. Such phenomena result only weakly sensitive to an external periodic signal. The underlying mechanisms can be associated to a noise induced chaos reduction. Resonant phenomena implications in forecasting are studied exploiting a new method that quanti¯es the reduction of chaos errors' evolution process. A new view of the stochastic resonance phenomenon in a non-stationary situation is shown.

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