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The ENSEMBLES downscaling portal: A user-friendly GRID-based tool for GCM postprocessing and downscaling

End-user applications for climate change impact studies require accessing and post processing huge amounts of information (reanalysis, GCM projections, etc.) over particular regions of interest. This information is typically distributed in different repositories, which use different formats, data conventions and storage systems. Moreover, different post-processing algorithms (bias removal, interpolation, calibration with observations, etc.) are typically applied to the accessed data before using the resulting time series to feed the impact models. The ENSEMBLES Downscaling Portal (www.meteo.unican.es/ensembles) has been developed with the EU-funded ENSEMBLES project (www.ensembles-eu.org) following an end-to-end approach to fill the gap between the coarse-resolution model outputs and the high-resolution/local needs of end users. The portal is based on Internet and GRID technologies allowing the transparent use of distributed resources, both for data and computation - so connecting data providers and end users in a Web-based transparent way.

The downscaling portal provides user-friendly homogeneous access to a subset of ENSEMBLES GCM and RCM outputs, allowing local interpolation or downscaling to the region/location of interest and bias removal. Users can also upload their own observed grids or networks and interactively downscale the model outputs testing several statistical downscaling methods (including regression, neural networks, analogs and weather typing).

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