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WRF workflow on the Grid with WRF4G

Grid computing provides access to distributed computer resources allowing small
research institutions face numerical problems that they could not usually
assume. The transparent access to Grid resources is done through the
interaction with an intermediate layer refered to as middleware. WRF4G (WRF for
Grid) consists of a set of scripts developed at the Santander Meterology Group
(SMG) and enabling WRF to interact with the Grid middleware. Additionally, the
WRF4G framework can also be used on local resources and provides a flexible
configuration of experiments consisting of ensembles of simulations varying
namelist parameters and also takes care of restarts for long simulations. At
the moment, WRF4G has no GUI, but users only need to modify two ascii
(namelist-like) files: one with the computer technical details and the other
with the scientific experiment configuration.

The Grid is well suited for large numbers of independent jobs, so in terms of
meteorological applications is well suited for ensembles of simulations. WRF4G
has been deployed on different European Grid initiatives (EELA, EGEE, NGI-ES)
and is regularly used by SMG, for instance, for a multi-physics ensemble of
daily weather forecast and a Metiterranean re-forecast project involving
thousands of simulations.

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