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Extending the ENSEMBLES Data Access Portal for User-Friendly CORDEX Postprocessing

The ENSEMBLES Data Access Portal (DAP) has been developed as a part of the ENSEMBLES project (http://ensembles-eu.metoffice.com) with the aim of maximizing the exploitation of the multi-model climate change projections produced by different modeling centres (for more details see http://www.meteo.unican.es/ensembles). These datasets are used by a wide range of end-users from different socio-economic sectors (agriculture, energy, etc.) to produce different impact studies. Typically, these datasets are distributed in different repositories, using different data conventions, tables of variables and storage systems. Moreover, a number of post-processing algorithms (bias removal, interpolation, calibration with observations, etc.) are typically applied to the data before using the resulting time series for a particular application. In practise, this post-processing step may be a time-consuming problem for some end-users, who are not familiar with standard meteorological formats and with interpolation procedures. Therefore, the apparently simple task of obtaining a simulated data field (e.g. total precipitation) at the required temporal aggregation (e.g. weekly) interpolated to a specific lon-lat point (e.g. to Madrid, Spain) may result a hard task for some users. The DAP has been designed to facilitate this task through a user-friendly Web portal, so end-users can interactively chose the desired model (reanalysis or GCM outputs in the original DAP version), the local points and the post-processing methods to be applied to the interpolated series, obtaining the resulting data in simple formats (e.g. a text or Excel file). The ENSEBMLES DAP has not been designed for massive data interpolation and post-processing and, thus, different restrictions apply for an appropriate use.

In order to contribute to the CORDEX initiative, an extension of the ENSEMBLES DAP is being implemented to include RCM data (initially, the ENSEMBLES 25km RCMs). This is done by remotely linking the portal to the OPeNDAP server, thus keeping the dataset up-to-date, and easily allowing future connections to other CORDEX datasets. In this talk we present the functionalities of the portal and the future plans.

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