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Dissemination and Exploitation of GRids in Earth sciencE

degree.png Tipo de proyecto: Proyecto europeo
Programa: UE 6º Programa Marco
Periodo: Junio 2006 - Mayo 2008
Estado: Terminado
Web: DEGREE Project

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DEGREE is a Specific Support Action (SSA) project which aims to promote Grid throughout a large and diverse Earth Science (ES) community, in order to increase the awareness and uptake of Grid technology and infrastructure by EU Earth Science Industry and Research communities. It aims to do this by developing and driving home convincing arguments on the considerable benefits of using Grid technology and infrastructures for large scale ES processing, e–collaboration and research.

A major challenge for DEGREE is to build a bridge linking the ES and Grid communities throughout Europe, and focusing in particular on the EGEE-II Project. In order to ensure that ES requirements are taken into account in the next Grid generation, DEGREE will initiate different collaborations; at short, medium and long term via EU horizontal collaborations, specific collaboration with Grid projects and participation to the e–Infrastructure Reflection Group (e-IRG).

• Disseminate, promote uptake of Grid in wider ES community.
• Reduce the gap between ES users and Grid Technology.
• Explain and convince ES users of Grid benefits and capability to tackle new and complex problems.

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