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2011Causes for the extreme precipitation trendWorld Climate Research Programme - Open Science Conference (WRCP OSP)
2011A methodology to evaluate regional-scale offshore wind energy resources.OCEANS’11 IEEE Santander Conference
2011Trends in number of fires and burned area and their relationships with climatic variables across regions in Spain during 1974-2008ICFBR - International Conference on Fire Behaviour and Risk
2011Execution of WRF workflows on local and distributed resources with WRF4G2nd WRF Lecture Series at the Bjerknes Center (NorWRF)
2011Beyond ENSEMBLES: DA & SD PortalsJoint AAP/WMO/ACMAD Workshop for Western, Central and North African countries on the generation of climate products to support long-term adaptation planning
2011Biometeorología en el Grupo de Meteorología de SantanderPrimer Workshop en Biometeorología Ciudad de Santander
2011Climate Change: WRF4G & CAM4GCHAIN Workshop (Lyon, France)
2011Reassessing statistical downscaling techniques for their robust application to GCM and RCM predictors under climate change conditionsThird International workshop on downscaling
2010Estudio de una galerna del Cantábrico con el modelo WRF-ARWSecond Meeting on Meteorology and Climatology of the Western Mediterranean (JMCMO)
2010SeaWind project: Analysing the sensitivity on horizontal and vertical resolution on WRF simulationsSecond Meeting on Meteorology and Climatology of the Western Mediterranean (JMCMO)