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2018DownscaleR: An R-based package for statistical downscaling and bias correction within the climate4R framework2nd Workshop on Bias Correction in Climate Studies
2018Challenges in the bias correction of multi-variate parameters under climate change conditions2nd Workshop on Bias Correction in Climate Studies
2018Bias Correction Intercomparison Project: Applying an ensemble of bias - adjustment methods2nd Workshop on Bias Correction in Climate Studies
2018Role of internal variability in the simulation of heavy precipitation events11th Hymex Workshop
2018Response time of radon monitors under controlled conditions14th International Workshop GARRM
2018Who Learns Better Bayesian Network Structures: Constraint-Based, Score-based or Hybrid Algorithms?9th International Conference on Probabilistic Graphical Models
2018Deep Convolutional Networks for Feature Selection in Statistical Downscaling8th International Workshop on Climate Informatics
2018Climate Research Reproducibility With The Climate 4R R-Based Framework8th International Workshop on Climate Informatics
2018Cambio climático en España 2021-2050: Proyecciones de modelos y su incertidumbre11 Congreso Internacional de la Asociación Española de Climatología
2018Prospects and plans for statistical emulators based on deep learning methods2nd annual meeting CORDEX-FPS on Convection over Europe and the Mediterranean