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Añoordenar por iconoTítuloAutoresConferencia
2015Tourism climate indices: uncertainties and reliability issues4th International Conference on Climate, Tourism and Recreation
2014The ECOMS User Data Gateway: homogeneous seasonal to decadal forecast data access for end usersEGU General Assembly 2014
2014Future burned area projections in IberiaEGU General Assembly 2014
2014Regional projection of climate impact indices over the Mediterranean regionEGU General Assembly 2014
2014Assessing the drift of seasonal forecastsEGU General Assembly 2014
2014WRF4G project: Advances in running climate simulations on the EGI InfrastructureEGU General Assembly 2014
2014Validation of soil moisture and surface fluxes in EURO-CORDEX simulations as part of land-atmosphere coupling analysisEGU General Assembly 2014
2014Is it possible to separate model calibration and evaluation? A multi-physics study with modern radiation and soil datasets3rd Lund Regional-scale Climate Modelling Workshop
2014Migrating climate simulation models to Grid: from EGEE to EGI experiencesEGI Community Forum 2014
2014Homogenization of access to DCIEGI Community Forum 2014