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Dynamic scaling of bred vectors in spatially extended chaotic systems

Journal: Europhysics Letters
Year: 2006   Volume: 765
Initial page: 767   Last page: 773
Status: Published
PDF file: 2006_primo_EL.pdf
, Szendro, I., , López, J.M.

We unfold a profound relationship between the dynamics of finite-size perturbations in spatially extended chaotic systems and the universality class of Kardar-Parisi-Zhang (KPZ). We showho wthis relationship can be exploited to obtain a complete theoretical description of the bred vectors dynamics. The existence of characteristic length/time scales, the spatial extent of spatial correlations and howto tune it, and the role of the breeding amplitude are all analyzed in the light of our theory. Implications to weather forecasting based on ensembles of initial conditions are also discussed.