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4th EGEE User Forum

EGEE, OGF & OGF-Europe are spearheading efforts to connect developers, users and newcomers to distributed computing for the benefit of business and research, now and in the future. The EGEE User Forum / OGF25 & OGF-Europe's 2nd International Event will catalyse people from diverse sectors to drive forward the evolution of distributed computing and open standards for the knowledge-based economy.

This premier event in Europe will help strengthen existing business and research communities and foster new relationships and collaborative developments on a European and global level. Special emphasis will be placed on showcasing high-level technological developments, identifying best practices, evaluating user requirements and deliberating top priorities moving forward.

EGEE User Forum / OGF25 & OGF-Europe's 2nd International Event is a multi-faceted event featuring keynote talks delivered by high-profile experts from business, government and research, and a series of parallel and joint sessions focusing on specific sectors and technologies.