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First EELA-2 Conference

The First EELA-2 Conference is meant to be both an “open conference” and a “user forum” and its Scientific Programme is conceived to reach two main objectives:

- Present a selection of the most impressive results obtained by scientific communities using not only EELA-2 but also other e-Infrastructures in Latin America and the rest of the world;
- Discuss policies and plans for the long term sustainability of Regional e-Infrastructures, with special emphasis on the Latin American one.

The conference topics include, but are not limited to:

Grid Communities and Applications
- Culture, Arts and Humanities
- Biomedical informatics/e-Health
- Distance and eLearning
- High Energy Physics
- Earth Sciences
- Material Science
- Astrophysics
- e-Government
- Artificial Intelligence
- Civil Protection
- Engineering

e-Infrastructures case studies
- AAA in a Grid Environment
- Security Challenges
- Grid Middleware Interoperability
- Scientific repositories
- Grid in Education and Education with/on Grid
- Grid Portals and Problem Solving Environments
- Data Access and Management
- Resource Management and Scheduling

e-Infrastructures for Development
- Ongoing and/or Planned Grid Projects in Europe and the rest of the World
- Regional, National and/or International Grid Infrastructures Deployment and Operation
- Long term sustainability
- Quality Assurance
- Public policies
- Mobile and e-Infrastructures Convergence
- Industry role and participation