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Homogenization of access to DCI

In most science fields, the complexity of computing models are growing and the access to Distributed Computing Infrastructures (DCI) has become essential. Additionally, there are available a large variety of DCIs such as workstations, clusters, grid services or clouds with different Distributed Resource Managements (DRM) as well. This issue can represent a significant barrier for scientists. Therefore, tools to homogenize the access to these DCIs are one of the most important challenges facing.
To deal with this issue, several approaches have been proposed from a resource admin's point of view. In this work is introduced a new solution to give homogenous access to DCIs but without resource admin intervention. This solution, named DRM4G, aims to expand the possibilities of scientists using it for their computing models. One example of that is WRF4G framework that is used for simulating large-scale climate experiments. This framework takes advantages of DRM4G to provide a homogeneous access between WRF4G users and DCIs. In order to achieve this, DRM4G enables the submission and management of jobs to DRMs such as FORK, PBS/Torque, SGE, LSF, LoadLeveler and SLURM and grid EGI services such as Globus and CREAM.

This work is partially funded by the Spanish PLAN NACIONAL de I+D+i 2008-2011 (WRF4G, Ref.# CGL2011-28864) and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).