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Response time of radon monitors under controlled conditions

Conference: 14th International Workshop GARRM
Year: 2018
Contribution type: Oral
Poster: Rabago presentation Praga 2018.pdf
Rábago, D., Fuente, M., , Quindos, L., Fuente, I., Foley, M., Sainz, C.

Radon monitor characteristics are important for any study involving continuous radon measurements. To assess quality of the measurements, calibration and verification controls are necessary periodically, normally evaluated by comparison to a reference device with known traceability to Rn-222 primary standards. The aim of this study is to benchmark radon monitors in a purpose-built radon chamber, by looking at their accuracy and response time. Several monitors were tested under reference conditions with a controlled radon concentration in the chamber, using a traceable reference instrument. Radon concentration was maintained to assess radon monitors accuracy and precision. Mean radon concentration within the ±10% of the reference instrument was reported by all different types of radon monitors tested, general purpose and those directed to research or radon professionals. Response time was also evaluated during two time intervals with a high radon concentration variability. Different response time analysis methods were proposed and discussed.