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On the problem of data assimilation by means of synchronization

Revista: Journal of Geophysical Research
Año: 2009  
Estado: Publicado
En este estado desde: 5 Mayo 2009
Archivo PDF: 2009_szendro_JGR.pdf
Szendro, I., , López, J.M.

The potential use of synchronization as a method for data assimilation is investigated in a Lorenz96 model. Data representing the reality are obtained from a Lorenz96 model with added noise. We study the assimilation scheme by means of synchronization for different noise intensities. We use a novel plot representation of the synchronization error in a phase diagram consisting of two variables: the amplitude and the width of the error after a suitable logarithmic transformation (the so-called mean-variance of logarithms diagram). Our main result concerns the existence of an ‘optimal’ coupling for which the synchronization is maximal. We finally show how this allows us to quantify the degree of assimilation, providing a criterion for the selection of optimal couplings and validity of models.

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