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Experiences developing a Scientific Gateway for WRF community

WRF4SG [1] is a Science Gateway (SG) developed to assist the Earth Science Community in using the WRF climate model [2]. In particular, WRF4SG has been based on both WS-PGRADE/gUSE and WRF4G [3] frameworks. Design a specific SG by extending a generic gateway, such as WS-PGRADE/gUSE [4], is a good custom solution for each scientific community needs. In our case, we took advantage of that in order to simplify the configuration and execution of workflows concerning WRF climate experiments on grid infrastructures. In dealing with these experiments over grid, the main emphasis is on how to WRF4SG offers a variety of capabilities such as resource discovery, job monitoring, data analysis and workflow design.
In this presentation, it is going to be shown which tools have been developed and deployed on WRF4SG during the collaboration with the SCI-BUS FP7 [5] project. It will be also explained in detail, how the WRF community can use them in order to tackle complex climate experiments. In addition to this, it will be described the main climate workflows implemented and their concepts. Finally, we will share our experiences in supporting and developing a SG as well as giving an overview of the status of the gateway and our plans for further development.

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This work is partially funded by the Spanish PLAN NACIONAL de I+D+i 2008-2011 (WRF4G, Ref.# CGL2011-28864) and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

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