How to deploy a CREAM CE

The following deployment models are possible for a CREAM-CE:

  • CREAM-CE can be configured without worrying about the glite-CLUSTER node. This can be useful for small sites who don't want to worry about cluster/subcluster configurations because they have a very simple setup. In this case CREAM-CE will publish a single cluster/subcluster. This is called no cluster mode. This is done as described below by defining the yaim setting CREAMCE_CLUSTER_MODE=no (or by no defining at all that variable).
  • CREAM-CE can work on cluster mode using the glite-CLUSTER node type. This is done as described below by defining the yaim setting CREAMCE_CLUSTER_MODE=yes. The CREAM-CE can be in the same host or in a different host wrt the glite-CLUSTER node.

Installation of a CREAM CE node in no cluster mode

We select this mode because it is the easier way to deploy a CREAM CE site. This configuration of a CREAM CE in no cluster mode using Torque as batch system, with the CREAM CE not being also Torque server. Also, CREAM CE will be APEL Publisher and BDII site.

  • Repositories
    • the EPEL repository
    • the EMI middleware repository
    • the CA repository
      [root@ce01 ~]# cat /etc/yum.repos.d/epel.repo 
      name=Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux 5 - $basearch
      name=Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux 5 - $basearch - Debug
      name=Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux 5 - $basearch - Source
      [root@ce01 ~]# cat /etc/yum.repos.d/UMD-1-base.repo 
      name=UMD 1 base (SL5)
      # To use priorities you must have yum-priorities installed
      [root@ce01 ~]# cat /etc/yum.repos.d/UMD-1-updates.repo 
      name=UMD 1 updates (SL5)
      # To use priorities you must have yum-priorities installed
      [root@ce01 ~]# cat /etc/yum.repos.d/egi-trustanchors.repo 
  • yum install
    [root@ce01 ~]# yum clean all
    [root@ce01 ~]# yum install yum-protectbase
    [root@ce01 ~]# yum install ca-policy-egi-core 
    [root@ce01 ~]# yum install xml-commons-apis 
    [root@ce01 ~]# yum install emi-cream-ce
    [root@ce01 ~]# yum install emi-torque-utils
    [root@ce01 ~]# yum install openldap2.4 openldap2.4-servers
    [root@ce01 ~]# yum install nfs-utils.x86_64
  • CREAM CE update
    [root@ce01 ~]# yum update
  • Torque

If you want to install a different version of torque for some reason (to see the current version rpm -qa | grep torque-clitent), you can execute these commands:

[root@ce01 ~]# tar xzvf torque-2.3.9.tar.gz
[root@ce01 ~]# cd torque-2.3.9
[root@ce01 ~]# ./configure --prefix=/usr
[root@ce01 ~]# make install
  • Install host certificate

Once you have obtained a valid certificate. You have to create the hostcert.pem and hostkey.pem and place in the /etc/grid-security directory. Then set the proper mode and ownerships doing:

[root@ce01 ~]# cd /etc/grid-security/
[root@ce01 ~]# openssl pkcs12 -nocerts -nodes -in ce02.p12 -out hostkey.pem
[root@ce01 ~]# openssl pkcs12 -clcerts -nokeys -in ce02.p12 -out hostcert.pem
[root@ce01 ~]# chown root.root hostcert.pem
[root@ce01 ~]# chown root.root hostkey.pem
[root@ce01 ~]# chmod 644 hostcert.pem
[root@ce01 ~]# chmod 400 hostkey.pem
  • Create site-info.def file for YAIM
    [root@ce01 ~]# cat siteinfo/site_ce.def
    # Torque server configuration variables #
    # CE configuration variables #
    CE_CPU_MODEL=PD   #PENTIUM D 930, 3.0GHZ/2X2
    CE_MINVIRTMEM=4096 #/proc/meminfo
    # DPM configuration variables #
    DPM_HOST="se01.$MY_DOMAIN"   # my-dpm.$MY_DOMAIN. DPM head node hostname
    DPMPOOL=permanent #the_dpm_pool_name
    # SE_LIST #
    SE_ARCH="multidisk" # "disk, tape, multidisk, other"
    # BDII configuration variables #
    SITE_DESC="University of Cantabria site"
    BDII_REGIONS="BDII CE SE"    # list of the services provided by the site
    # If you the node type is using BDII instead (all 3.1 nodes)
    # change the port to 2170 and mds-vo-name=resource
    # VO configuration variables #
    VOS="esr ops dteam"
    VO_ESR_VOMSES="'esr 30001 /O=dutchgrid/O=hosts/ esr'"
    VO_ESR_VOMS_CA_DN="'/C=NL/O=NIKHEF/CN=NIKHEF medium-security certification auth'"
    # dteam #
    VO_DTEAM_VOMSES="'dteam 15004 /DC=ch/DC=cern/OU=computers/ dteam 24' 'dteam 15004 /DC=ch/DC=cern/OU=computers/ dteam 24'"
    VO_DTEAM_VOMS_CA_DN="'/DC=ch/DC=cern/CN=CERN Trusted Certification Authority' '/DC=ch/DC=cern/CN=CERN Trusted Certification Authority'"
    # ops #
    VO_OPS_VOMSES="'ops 15009 /DC=ch/DC=cern/OU=computers/ ops 24' 'ops 15009 /DC=ch/DC=cern/OU=computers/ ops 24'"
    VO_OPS_VOMS_CA_DN="'/DC=ch/DC=cern/CN=CERN Trusted Certification Authority' '/DC=ch/DC=cern/CN=CERN Trusted Certification Authority'"
    VO_OPER_VO_EU_EELA_EU_VOMSES="' 15004 /C=BR/O=ICPEDU/O=UFF BrGrid CA/O=UFRJ/OU=IF/CN=host/' ' 15004 /DC=es/DC=irisgrid/O=ceta-ciemat/CN=host/'"
    VO_OPER_VO_EU_EELA_EU_VOMS_CA_DN="'/C=BR/O=ICPEDU/O=UFF BrGrid CA/CN=UFF Brazilian Grid Certification Authority' '/DC=es/DC=irisgrid/CN=IRISGridCA'"
    VO_PROD_VO_EU_EELA_EU_VOMSES="' 15003 /C=BR/O=ICPEDU/O=UFF BrGrid CA/O=UFRJ/OU=IF/CN=host/' ' 15003 /DC=es/DC=irisgrid/O=ceta-ciemat/CN=host/'"
    VO_PROD_VO_EU_EELA_EU_VOMS_CA_DN="'/C=BR/O=ICPEDU/O=UFF BrGrid CA/CN=UFF Brazilian Grid Certification Authority' '/DC=es/DC=irisgrid/CN=IRISGridCA'"
    VO_OPS_VO_IBERGRID_EU_VOMSES="' 40001 /C=PT/O=LIPCA/O=LIP/OU=Lisboa/' ' 40001 /DC=es/DC=irisgrid/O=ifca/CN=host/'"
    VO_OPS_VO_IBERGRID_EU_VOMS_CA_DN="'/C=PT/O=LIPCA/CN=LIP Certification Authority' '/DC=es/DC=irisgrid/CN=IRISGridCA'"
    VO_IBER_VO_IBERGRID_EU_VOMSES="' 40003 /C=PT/O=LIPCA/O=LIP/OU=Lisboa/' ' 40003 /DC=es/DC=irisgrid/O=ifca/CN=host/'"
    VO_IBER_VO_IBERGRID_EU_VOMS_CA_DN="'/C=PT/O=LIPCA/CN=LIP Certification Authority' '/DC=es/DC=irisgrid/CN=IRISGridCA'"
    VO_ENG_VO_IBERGRID_EU_VOMSES="' 40013 /C=PT/O=LIPCA/O=LIP/OU=Lisboa/' ' 40013 /DC=es/DC=irisgrid/O=ifca/CN=host/'"
    VO_ENG_VO_IBERGRID_EU_VOMS_CA_DN="'/C=PT/O=LIPCA/CN=LIP Certification Authority' '/DC=es/DC=irisgrid/CN=IRISGridCA'"
    VO_ICT_VO_IBERGRID_EU_VOMSES="' 40008 /C=PT/O=LIPCA/O=LIP/OU=Lisboa/' ' 40008 /DC=es/DC=irisgrid/O=ifca/CN=host/'"
    VO_ICT_VO_IBERGRID_EU_VOMS_CA_DN="'/C=PT/O=LIPCA/CN=LIP Certification Authority' '/DC=es/DC=irisgrid/CN=IRISGridCA'"
    VO_LIFE_VO_IBERGRID_EU_VOMSES="' 40010 /C=PT/O=LIPCA/O=LIP/OU=Lisboa/' ' 40010 /DC=es/DC=irisgrid/O=ifca/CN=host/'"
    VO_LIFE_VO_IBERGRID_EU_VOMS_CA_DN="'/C=PT/O=LIPCA/CN=LIP Certification Authority' '/DC=es/DC=irisgrid/CN=IRISGridCA'"
    VO_EARTH_VO_IBERGRID_EU_VOMSES="' 40011 /C=PT/O=LIPCA/O=LIP/OU=Lisboa/' ' 40011 /DC=es/DC=irisgrid/O=ifca/CN=host/'"
    VO_EARTH_VO_IBERGRID_EU_VOMS_CA_DN="'/C=PT/O=LIPCA/CN=LIP Certification Authority' '/DC=es/DC=irisgrid/CN=IRISGridCA'"
    VO_PHYS_VO_IBERGRID_EU_VOMSES="' 40007 /C=PT/O=LIPCA/O=LIP/OU=Lisboa/' ' 40007 /DC=es/DC=irisgrid/O=ifca/CN=host/'"
    VO_PHYS_VO_IBERGRID_EU_VOMS_CA_DN="'/C=PT/O=LIPCA/CN=LIP Certification Authority' '/DC=es/DC=irisgrid/CN=IRISGridCA'"
    VO_SOCIAL_VO_IBERGRID_EU_VOMSES="' 40012 /C=PT/O=LIPCA/O=LIP/OU=Lisboa/' ' 40012 /DC=es/DC=irisgrid/O=ifca/CN=host/'"
    VO_SOCIAL_VO_IBERGRID_EU_VOMS_CA_DN="'/C=PT/O=LIPCA/CN=LIP Certification Authority' '/DC=es/DC=irisgrid/CN=IRISGridCA'"
    VO_CHEM_VO_IBERGRID_EU_VOMSES="' 40009 /C=PT/O=LIPCA/O=LIP/OU=Lisboa/' ' 40009 /DC=es/DC=irisgrid/O=ifca/CN=host/'"
    VO_CHEM_VO_IBERGRID_EU_VOMS_CA_DN="'/C=PT/O=LIPCA/CN=LIP Certification Authority' '/DC=es/DC=irisgrid/CN=IRISGridCA'"
  • Users and groups configuration

Define pool accounts (users.conf) and groups (groups.conf) for several VOs

  • WN list configuration

Set in this file the WNs list (wn-list.conf)

  • Run yaim

After having filled the siteinfo.def file, run yaim:

[root@ce01 ~]# /opt/glite/yaim/bin/yaim -c -s site-info.def -n creamCE -n TORQUE_utils -n glite-APEL -n site-BDII
  • Sharing of the CREAM sandbox area between the CREAM CE and the WN for Torque

When Torque is used as batch system, to share the CREAM sandbox area between the CREAM CE node and the WNs:

Mount the cream_sandbox directory also in the WNs. Let's assume that in the CE node the cream sandbox directory is called /var/cream_sandbox and on the WN is mounted as /cream_sandbox) On the WNs, add the following to the Torque client config file:

$usecp <CE node>://var/cream_sandbox /cream_sandbox

  • Sharing of the job accounting

The accounting service running on the CREAM CE will periodically check for new data in the directory /var/spool/torque/server_priv/accounting. If this directory does not exist on the CREAM CE, you need to export this directory from the batch system server to the compute element.

  • Posted: 2012-07-23 14:20 (Updated: 2012-07-26 22:01)
  • Author: carlos
  • Categories: APEL CREAM

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A wonderful way to know should you be encountering serious apnea is to have a sleep at night log. Take note of every one of the times which you wake up within the night time and in addition document how you feel each morning. This will help you to get a record to view your development.

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When you find yourself trying to decide what things to pick for your house organization, it is vital to select something that you actually believe in and might assist completely. Ensure that you supports the policies and ideals in the organization that you are working with and that you enjoy the items they can make.

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Use Twitter to get a benefit when you are utilizing social media marketing to your business. It is possible to get to a vast target audience with Youtube if you do it effectively. Obtain as much readers as you can. The more people you have as followers, the bigger the potential swimming pool of clients.

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Familiarizing on your own with many common life insurance phrases will help you pick which kind is the best for you, and also exactly how much coverage you want to purchase. Income worth refers back to the portion of your plan that may be available to you to take out as lending options for a number of functions, including schooling charges or consumer credit card debt. A premium is simply the regular transaction that you make to keep the insurance policy lively. Yet another phrase you could possibly see is benefits, which signifies the money you might receive again on the premiums if the insurer overestimated their bills and ended up with a surplus. A dividend is not really guaranteed.

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Provided up with simply being inspired to join distinct Wi-Fi systems? It comes with an great way to fix this issue from the Wi-Fi Options. Simply switch off the Ask to participate options. You is still capable to sign up for sites even so, you will have to go to Wi-Fi options and sign up for from that point.

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