Filtering ESGF datasets versions in the metalink

clear all,fclose all;close all;clc;
for i=1:length(xmlLines)
    sd=strfind(xmlLines{i},'<file name="');
    if ~isempty(sd)
        fileName=['./' xmlLines{i}(sd+12:end-2)];
for i=1:length(I1)
versiones=strvcat(fileProperties(indFiles,2));versiones=datenum([str2num(versiones(:,2:5)) str2num(versiones(:,6:7)) str2num(versiones(:,8:9)) repmat([0 0 0],length(indFiles),1)]);
fid=fopen([nameFile '_last_version.metalink'],'w');
for i=1:min(startFiles)-1
    fprintf(fid,'%s \r\n',xmlLines{i});
for i=1:Nfiles
    for j=startFiles(indFile):endFiles(indFile)
        fprintf(fid,'%s \r\n',xmlLines{j});
for i=max(endFiles)+1:length(xmlLines)
    fprintf(fid,'%s \r\n',xmlLines{i});

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