How the solaris mpt_sas driver name SATA devices

With the the SAS2 LSI driver for Solaris (mpt_sas) the device names for SATA drivesattached to SAS ports are a bit confusing.

Apparentliy the main reason for this confusing naming is because the mpt_sas driver support device multi path (MPXIO). Therefore it needs some identification mechanism resistent to changes on the SAS topology. For a SAS device this is be done using the SAS WWN but with SATA devices it can be done using the GUID for the SATA device.

From the source code for the OpenSolaris's mpt_sas driver I have discovered that the driver is inquiryng something called 'page 83'

13091 uint64_t mptsas_get_sata_guid(mptsas_t *mpt, mptsas_target_t *ptgt, int lun)
13092 {
13093         uint64_t        sata_guid = 0, *pwwn = NULL;
13094         int             target = ptgt->m_devhdl;
13095         uchar_t         *inq83 = NULL;
13096         int             inq83_len = 0xFF;
13097         uchar_t         *dblk = NULL;
13098         int             inq83_retry = 3;
13099         int             rval = DDI_FAILURE;
13101         inq83   = kmem_zalloc(inq83_len, KM_SLEEP);
13103 inq83_retry:
13104         rval = mptsas_inquiry(mpt, ptgt, lun, 0x83, inq83,
13105             inq83_len, NULL, 1);
13106         if (rval != DDI_SUCCESS) {
13107                 mptsas_log(mpt, CE_WARN, "!mptsas request inquiry page "
13108                     "0x83 for target:%x, lun:%x failed!", target, lun);
13109                 goto out;
13110         }
13111         /* According to SAT2, the first descriptor is logic unit name */
13112         dblk = &inq83[4];
13113         if ((dblk[1] & 0x30) != 0) {
13114                 mptsas_log(mpt, CE_WARN, "!Descriptor is not lun associated.");
13115                 goto out;
13116         }
13117         pwwn = (uint64_t *)(void *)(&dblk[4]);
13118         if ((dblk[4] & 0xf0) == 0x50) {
13119                 sata_guid = BE_64(*pwwn);
13120                 goto out;
13121         } else if (dblk[4] == 'A') {
13122                 NDBG20(("SATA drive has no NAA format GUID."));
13123                 goto out;
13124         } else {
13125                 /* The data is not ready, wait and retry */
13126                 inq83_retry--;
13127                 if (inq83_retry <= 0) {
13128                         goto out;
13129                 }
13130                 NDBG20(("The GUID is not ready, retry..."));
13131                 delay(1 * drv_usectohz(1000000));
13132                 goto inq83_retry;
13133         }
13134 out:
13135         kmem_free(inq83, inq83_len);
13136         return (sata_guid);
13137 }

As exercise I will try to discover this information for the following device prtconf -v /dev/dsk/c10t5000CCA221C25B1Ed0
disk, instance #217
    Driver properties:
        name='inquiry-serial-no' type=string items=1 dev=none
        name='pm-components' type=string items=3 dev=none
            value='NAME=spindle-motor' + '0=off' + '1=on'
        name='pm-hardware-state' type=string items=1 dev=none
        name='ddi-failfast-supported' type=boolean dev=none
        name='ddi-kernel-ioctl' type=boolean dev=none
        name='fm-ereport-capable' type=boolean dev=none
        name='device-nblocks' type=int64 items=1 dev=none
        name='device-blksize' type=int items=1 dev=none
    Hardware properties:
        name='devid' type=string items=1
        name='inquiry-device-type' type=int items=1
        name='inquiry-revision-id' type=string items=1
        name='inquiry-product-id' type=string items=1
        name='inquiry-vendor-id' type=string items=1
        name='class' type=string items=1
        name='obp-path' type=string items=1
        name='pm-capable' type=int items=1
        name='guid' type=string items=1
        name='sas-mpt' type=boolean
        name='port-wwn' type=byte items=8
        name='target-port' type=string items=1
        name='compatible' type=string items=4
            value='scsiclass,00.vATA.pHitachi_HDS72202.rA20N' + 'scsiclass,00.vATA.pHitachi_HDS72202' + 'scsiclass,00' + 'scsiclass'
        name='lun' type=int items=1

We can inquiry the ´83h´ (section 10.3.4 on attached document) page using the LSIUTL tool (version 1.63) ./lsiutil

LSI Logic MPT Configuration Utility, Version 1.63, June 4, 2009

5 MPT Ports found

     Port Name         Chip Vendor/Type/Rev    MPT Rev  Firmware Rev  IOC
 1.  mpt1              LSI Logic SAS1068E B3     105      011e0000     0
 2.  mpt2              LSI Logic SAS1068E B3     105      011e0000     0
 3.  mpt_sas0          LSI Logic SAS2008 03      200      0b000000     0
 4.  mpt_sas1          LSI Logic SAS2008 03      200      0b000000     0
 5.  mpt_sas6          LSI Logic SAS2008 02      200      0a000200     0

Select a device:  [1-5 or 0 to quit] 3

 1.  Identify firmware, BIOS, and/or FCode
 2.  Download firmware (update the FLASH)
 4.  Download/erase BIOS and/or FCode (update the FLASH)
 8.  Scan for devices
10.  Change IOC settings (interrupt coalescing)
13.  Change SAS IO Unit settings
16.  Display attached devices
20.  Diagnostics
21.  RAID actions
23.  Reset target
42.  Display operating system names for devices
43.  Diagnostic Buffer actions
45.  Concatenate SAS firmware and NVDATA files
59.  Dump PCI config space
60.  Show non-default settings
61.  Restore default settings
66.  Show SAS discovery errors
69.  Show board manufacturing information
97.  Reset SAS link, HARD RESET
98.  Reset SAS link
99.  Reset port
 e   Enable expert mode in menus
 p   Enable paged mode
 w   Enable logging

Main menu, select an option:  [1-99 or e/p/w or 0 to quit] e

Main menu, select an option:  [1-99 or e/p/w or 0 to quit] 20

 1.  Inquiry Test
 2.  WriteBuffer/ReadBuffer/Compare Test
 3.  Read Test
 4.  Write/Read/Compare Test
 5.  Write Test
 6.  Read/Compare Test
 7.  Log Sense Test
 8.  Read Capacity / Read Block Limits Test
 9.  Mode Page Test
10.  SATA Identify Device Test
11.  SATA Clear Affiliation Test
12.  Display phy counters
13.  Clear phy counters
14.  SATA SMART Read Test
15.  SEP (SCSI Enclosure Processor) Test
16.  Issue product-specific SAS IO Unit Control
17.  Diag data upload
18.  Report LUNs Test
19.  Drive firmware download
20.  Expander firmware download
21.  Read Logical Blocks
22.  Write Logical Blocks
23.  Verify Logical Blocks
24.  Read Buffer (for firmware upload)
25.  Display Expander Log entries
26.  Clear (erase) Expander Log entries
29.  Diagnostic Page Test
30.  Inject media error
31.  Repair media error
32.  Set software write protect
33.  Clear software write protect
34.  Enable read cache
35.  Disable read cache
36.  Enable write cache
37.  Disable write cache
98.  Reset expander
99.  Reset port
 e   Disable expert mode in menus
 p   Enable paged mode
 w   Enable logging

Diagnostics menu, select an option:  [1-99 or e/p/w or 0 to quit] 1

Bus:  [0-2 or RETURN to quit] 0
Target:  [0-255 or RETURN to quit] 31
LUN:  [0-255 or RETURN to quit] 0
VPD Page:  [00-FF or RETURN for normal Inquiry] 83

 B___T___L  Page
 0  31   0   83

36 bytes of Inquiry Data returned

0000 : 00 83 00 20 01 03 00 08 50 00 cc a2 21 c2 5b 1e            P   ! [
0010 : 61 93 00 08 50 03 04 80 01 15 5a 61 01 14 00 04    a   P     Za
0020 : 00 00 00 00

and the bytes 9-16 corresponds to the device name ´/dev/dsk/c10t5000CCA221C25B1Ed0´ given by the mpt_sas driver we can check that serial number corresponds to this drive inquirying the page ´80h´ (section 10.3.3 on the attached document)

Bus:  [0-2 or RETURN to quit] 0
Target:  [0-255 or RETURN to quit] 31
LUN:  [0-255 or RETURN to quit] 0
VPD Page:  [00-FF or RETURN for normal Inquiry] 80

 B___T___L  Page
 0  31   0   80

24 bytes of Inquiry Data returned

0000 : 00 80 00 14 20 20 20 20 20 20 4a 4b 31 31 33 33              JK1133
0010 : 59 41 47 35 35 4e 4c 55                            YAG55NLU

  • Posted: 2012-07-29 19:04 (Updated: 2012-07-29 19:15)
  • Author: antonio
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