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New CFSv2 monthly dataset

A new dataset with monthly-aggregated variables is now available. Provides a fast access to a subset of variables at a monthly resolution

New paper about ECOMS UDG available

The ECOMS User Data Gateway: Towards seasonal forecast data provision and research reproducibility in the era of Climate Services

New variables in CFSv2

New variables available in CFSv2_seasonal dataset, including relative humidity (calculated on-the-fly by loadeR.ECOMS >= v1.0-1)

loadeR.ECOMS v1.0-0 released

A new version of the R data access interface has been released: loadeR.ECOMS v1.0-0 (which supersedes ecoms.Raccess) More info in

GloSea5 dataset published

The GloSea5 hindcast has been published (surface variables: daily precipitation and temperature).

Re-branding to ECOMS UDG

The data portal has been re-branded to ECOMS User Data Gateway (ECOMS UDG).

This re-branding has deprecated the oldish Portal term to Gateway term. This concept represents a better approach to the ECOMS UDG philosophy

Now the UDG is covering the ECOMS inititive. ECOMS is the framework for the SPECS, EUPORIAS and NACLIM project.

Therefore some wiki names and links has been rename and changed accordingly to this new new.

Please let us to know any broken link: drop us a ticket!!

The CFSRR dataset has been added to the portal

The CFSRR dataset has been added to the Data Portal

First version of the user data portal

Delivered the first version of the data server and access scripts (including only System4 datasets). See SpecsEuporias?'s wiki