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How to republish APEL information

If you have problems with Nagios' test such as:

  • org.apel.APEL-Pub
  • org.apel.APEL-Sync

It could be that APEL has not published infomation since XX days ago.

To update the infomation, you can follow the steps below:

  • Change <Logs searchSubDirs="yes" reprocess="no"> into <Logs searchSubDirs="yes" reprocess="yes"> in /etc/glite-apel-pbs/parser-config-yaim.xml file
  • Change <Republish>missing</Republish> into <Republish>all</Republish> in /etc/glite-apel-publisher/publisher-config-yaim.xml file
  • Run these scripts:
    $ env APEL_HOME=/ /usr/bin/apel-pbs-log-parser -f /etc/glite-apel-pbs/parser-config-yaim.xml >> /var/log/apel.log 2>&1
    $ env APEL_HOME=/ JAVA_HOME=/usr /usr/bin/apel-publisher -f /etc/glite-apel-publisher/publisher-config-yaim.xml >> /var/log/apel.log 2>&1