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#288 remove startup checksum for all downloaded files defect
#293 The ETA for harvesting is wrong defect
#295 The download dataset tree closes when the contextual menu is selected defect
#296 The parameter tree gets unresponsive defect
#297 The parameter tree gets unresponsive defect
#298 The select to download dialog doesn't show datasets harvested defect
#299 The save and saveas flow it's not working well defect
#322 Redundant harvesting when fails request in an indexNode defect
#323 Add auto-update option defect
#325 Refactorizar las clases defect
#369 The download path confirmation dialog is confusing defect
#400 Resolve issue with certificates directory of MyProxy defect
#290 If no new filtar has been added to the request the 'Add parameter' is querying to the index node enhancement
#291 Start and stop harvesting button enhancement
#292 The files datasets must be filtering considering parent datase filters enhancement
#294 Harvesting view improvements enhancement
#332 Add DRS correct path from project of CORDEX enhancement
#486 Improve code documentation enhancement
#488 Implement progress bar to some processes in UI enhancement
#490 Change .nc extension in downloading files to .nc.something enhancement
#289 Add a re-checking option by checksum for one or several files already downloaded task
#333 Add berkeley database to saved searches task
#334 Allow choosing the download path for downloads task
#373 Make wiki of user manual task
#485 Generate ESGFToolsUI jar that contains all config files with Maven task
#487 Publish project in GitHub task
#489 Generate a configuration file (XML) task
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