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#5952 Publish a public version of the DP source code into GitHub daniel, gutierjm, sixto, max, vegasm, chus accepted antonio enhancement major
#5951 Migrate DP source to GitBucket daniel, gutierjm, sixto assigned antonio task major
#5971 Adapt current thredds catalogs to work on tds6 sixto, gutierjm, antonio assigned antonio defect blocker
#6088 [Special ticket] Generar landing page C4I-DP con descripción del servicio antonio, gutierjm, sixto, daniel assigned antonio task major
#40 Relación de sesiones relevantes en la EGU2010 chus, lluis, dfrias, carmen, sixto new gutierjm task critical
#75 Wilks DS (2006): Statistical methods in the Atmospheric Sciences, 2nd edition lluis, MarkelGarcia, antonio, sixto, daniel, chus, carmen, rodri new gutierjm defect major
#80 Daily gridded MSLP datasets antonio, gutierjm, sixto new SwenBrands defect major
#184 Problema con la proyección de los datos del CMCC para FUME bediaj@…, sixto, antonio new sixto defect critical
#6035 Improve the exception events management on logging sixto, vegasm new enhancement major
#6115 Broken links antonio, sixto new zequi defect major
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