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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#5971 Adapt current thredds catalogs to work on tds6 assigned antonio defect blocker UDG-TDS-5.0.0
#5991 NetcdfSubset does not work on TDS6 instance assigned sixto defect blocker UDG-TDS-5.0.0
#6001 Incluir el netcdf4 en la descarga del subsetting assigned antonio defect major UDG-TDS-5.0.0
#6035 Improve the exception events management on logging new enhancement major UDG-TDS-5.0.0
#6067 Autenticación en el toolsUI-5.0.0-SNAPSHOT.jar assigned antonio defect major
#6115 Broken links new zequi defect major
#5980 Add variable interpolation capabilities to catalog.xml files assigned antonio enhancement minor UDG-TDS-5.0.0
#6116 Exception from TAP is displayed in raw format in the client when trying to creating a new account with an email already in use new zequi defect minor
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