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#6084 Fallo gw_im drm4g, log, debug new carlos defect critical
#6091 The logger is not configured properly drm4g, logger, log new minondoa defect critical
#5981 DRM4G support and contact information drm4g, support, contact new antonio support major
#5987 Use Boto 3 to visulaize AWS' expenses drm4g, aws, boto, money new minondoa task major
#5988 Management of the virtual machines with Boto 3 drm4g, aws, management, boto new minondoa task major
#6009 Configure your own image on EGI Fedcloud drm4g, vo, image, wiki new carlos support major
#6014 'drm4g host' takes a long time to refresh drm4g, vm, list, host new minondoa enhancement major
#6018 Have the DRM4G list all of the VMs created drm4g, vm, list new minondoa enhancement major
#6019 Enable the DRM4G to dinamically create VMs drm4g, create, vm new minondoa enhancement major
#6023 Try defining a POD resource drm4g, pod new minondoa task major
#6024 Add a new command to destroy specific VMs drm4g, destroy, vm new minondoa enhancement major
#6025 Add a way in which to dinamically create and destroy VMs drm4g, destroy, create, vm new minondoa enhancement major
#6027 DRM4G can't send passwords using OpenSSH drm4g, vm, paramiko, openssh new minondoa enhancement major
#6033 The list of hosts updates itself too slowly drm4g, hosts, new minondoa enhancement major
#6034 Expand the wiki's 'InterMapTxt' wiki, interwiki, intermaptxt, drm4g new antonio task major
#6036 Only one VM contextualisation file is being created for different resources using a same machine drm4g, contextualisation new minondoa enhancement major
#6050 Optimize the modules drm4g.core.tm_mad’s function "_update_com" drm4g, tm, function new minondoa enhancement major
#6082 Cloud resource keys drm4g, configuration, cloud, setup, keys, resources new minondoa task major
#6093 Modifying cloud resources while being used drm4g, cloud, resources, update, vm, values new minondoa task major
#6094 Add an "Updating the DRM4G" section drm4g, install, update new minondoa task major
#6096 Not to let the DRM4G stop without checking for pending VMs drm4g, new minondoa enhancement major
#6108 Error message in gwd.log when there's an active VM creating resource drm4g, vm, gwd, im, error new defect major
#6109 Write a warning about using ''vm_config" drm4g, vm_config, cloud new task major
#6111 Implement the cloud resource configuration key "soft_billing" drm4g, vm, soft, billing new task major
#6112 Use the "cloudsetup.json" for Amazon's resources drm4g, vm, cloud, setup, json new task major
#5966 Running a command before starting drm4g drm4g, drm4g start new carlos enhancement minor
#5977 Add colors to DRM4G's CLI drm4g, cli, color new minondoa enhancement minor
#6087 The commmand "drm4g clear" accepts wrong input drm4g , command, clear, input new minondoa enhancement minor
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