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Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Milestone Component
#5971 Adapt current thredds catalogs to work on tds6 assigned defect blocker UDG-TDS-5.0.0 UDG
#598 Configure tha trac spam filter new enhancement critical TracMeteo
#5951 Migrate DP source to GitBucket assigned task major DownscalingPortal
#5952 Publish a public version of the DP source code into GitHub accepted enhancement major DownscalingPortal
#5954 Create a Dataset for ESGF-CMIP5 new task major DownscalingPortal
#5955 Create a download script for ESGF dataset new task major DownscalingPortal
#5958 Netcdf metadata for downscling results accepted task major DP2.1-ESGF DownscalingPortal
#5981 DRM4G support and contact information new support major DRM4G_Wiki
#5998 Create new Metalink generator following the RFC Metalink 4 assigned enhancement major DP2.1-ESGF DownscalingPortal
#6001 Incluir el netcdf4 en la descarga del subsetting assigned defect major UDG-TDS-5.0.0 UDG
#6034 Expand the wiki's 'InterMapTxt' new task major DRM4G_Wiki
#6067 Autenticación en el toolsUI-5.0.0-SNAPSHOT.jar assigned defect major UDG
#6088 [Special ticket] Generar landing page C4I-DP con descripción del servicio assigned task major DP2.1-ESGF DownscalingPortal
#6090 Comprobar porqué no genera el NetCDF en océano basado en el error que se lanza new defect major DP2.1-ESGF DownscalingPortal
#6098 Inclusión de un procesador intermedio en WPS accepted enhancement major WRF4G
#5963 Mensajes de error del archivo log del DP assigned defect minor DownscalingPortal
#5980 Add variable interpolation capabilities to catalog.xml files assigned enhancement minor UDG-TDS-5.0.0 UDG
#6013 try catch in the templates assigned defect minor DownscalingPortal
#6039 TypeError: unsupported operand type(s) for +: 'NoneType' and 'str' new defect minor DRM4G_Wiki
#6041 There is an issue with the index of the wiki new defect minor Wiki
#6042 I don't have the requiered permissions to see the RoadMap in the Trac new task minor Wiki
#6083 Incluir DRM4g como lanzador de jobs assigned defect minor DRM4G
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