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#40 Relación de sesiones relevantes en la EGU2010 new gutierjm task critical
#184 Problema con la proyección de los datos del CMCC para FUME new sixto defect critical
#598 Configure tha trac spam filter new antonio enhancement critical
#5743 sin acceso a mi cuenta new defect critical
#5957 Integrate DRM4G into PyWPS new minondoa enhancement critical
#5959 Replace the old DP with the new DP new gutierjm enhancement critical
#5974 User interface does not work in DP instance new daniel defect DP2.0 critical
#6045 Bloquear filtros C4I ESGF search en Downscaling viewer new task DP2.1-ESGF critical
#6061 Directory .drm4g at home new minondoa defect DRM4G-X.X.X critical
#6066 Use case for Cloud resources new minondoa enhancement AWS critical
#6084 Fallo gw_im new carlos defect DRM4G-X.X.X critical
#6091 The logger is not configured properly new minondoa defect DRM4G-X.X.X critical
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