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#5966 Running a command before starting drm4g new carlos enhancement DRM4G-X.X.X DRM4G
#5977 Add colors to DRM4G's CLI new minondoa enhancement DRM4G-X.X.X DRM4G
#6083 Incluir DRM4g como lanzador de jobs assigned antonio defect DRM4G
#6087 The commmand "drm4g clear" accepts wrong input new minondoa enhancement DRM4G-X.X.X DRM4G
#6039 TypeError: unsupported operand type(s) for +: 'NoneType' and 'str' new antonio defect DRM4G_Wiki
#5963 Mensajes de error del archivo log del DP assigned antonio defect DownscalingPortal
#6013 try catch in the templates assigned antonio defect DownscalingPortal
#5921 Comprobar servicios asíncronos WPS new task DownscalingPortal/RESTAPI
#5922 Acoplar DRM4G al servicio WPS para el lanzamiento de jobs en colas new task DownscalingPortal/RESTAPI
#289 Add a re-checking option by checksum for one or several files already downloaded new task ESGFToolsUIPanel_v1.0 ESGFToolsUIPanel
#6117 Show dataset URL to allow access from R assigned zequi enhancement ThreddsAdminPanel
#263 Language corrections new defect TracMeteo
#5980 Add variable interpolation capabilities to catalog.xml files assigned antonio enhancement UDG-TDS-5.0.0 UDG
#6116 Exception from TAP is displayed in raw format in the client when trying to creating a new account with an email already in use new zequi defect UDG
#5947 Aviso ante eventos new carlos, chus enhancement WRF4G
#70 Aparece 'CAPTCHA' en la parte superior del Drupal cuando estás logueado new daniel defect Web
#6041 There is an issue with the index of the wiki new antonio defect Wiki
#6042 I don't have the requiered permissions to see the RoadMap in the Trac new antonio task Wiki
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