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#39 Revisar datos de Cantabria_ClimateChange en WORK new daniel defect major
#70 Aparece 'CAPTCHA' en la parte superior del Drupal cuando estás logueado new daniel defect minor
#79 Prueba 7 new cofinoa defect major
#229 Hello new cofinoa@… defect major
#231 hello 7 assigned cofino5 defect major
#5927 Create new resource type for ECMWF PBS new defect major
#6061 Directory .drm4g at home new minondoa defect critical DRM4G-X.X.X
#6065 Some ssh agent start and stop message new minondoa defect major DRM4G-X.X.X
#262 Refactorizacion del SVN new enhancement blocker WRF4G-1.2
#598 Configure tha trac spam filter new antonio enhancement critical
#5952 Publish a public version of the DP source code into GitHub accepted antonio enhancement major
#5957 Integrate DRM4G into PyWPS new minondoa enhancement critical
#5959 Replace the old DP with the new DP new gutierjm enhancement critical
#5980 Add variable interpolation capabilities to catalog.xml files assigned antonio enhancement minor UDG-TDS-5.0.0
#6035 Improve the exception events management on logging new enhancement major UDG-TDS-5.0.0
#40 Relación de sesiones relevantes en la EGU2010 new gutierjm task critical
#5944 Test on MACOSX new task major
#5951 Migrate DP source to GitBucket assigned antonio task major
#5954 Create a Dataset for ESGF-CMIP5 new antonio task major
#5955 Create a download script for ESGF dataset new antonio task major
#5958 Netcdf metadata for downscling results accepted antonio task major DP2.1-ESGF
#71 Reorganización de la estructura de directorios en /oceano/gmeteo accepted anonymous support trivial
#5915 nada new spam major
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