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Ticket Summary Status Owner Priority Milestone Component
#262 Refactorizacion del SVN new blocker WRF4G-1.2 WRF4G
#598 Configure tha trac spam filter new antonio critical TracMeteo
#1961 Function to create stationData new major UserDataGateway
#5937 Documentacion ficheros de configuración locales new carlos major WRF4G
#5940 Nueva característica: no borrar ficheros si hay fallo new carlos major WRF4G
#5947 Aviso ante eventos new carlos, chus minor WRF4G
#5957 Integrate DRM4G into PyWPS new minondoa critical DRM4G
#5959 Replace the old DP with the new DP new gutierjm critical DownscalingPortal
#5966 Running a command before starting drm4g new carlos minor DRM4G-X.X.X DRM4G
#5969 Run the DP 2.0 in a working node new daniel major DP2.0 DownscalingPortal
#5977 Add colors to DRM4G's CLI new minondoa minor DRM4G-X.X.X DRM4G
#6014 'drm4g host' takes a long time to refresh new minondoa major DRM4G-X.X.X DRM4G
#6018 Have the DRM4G list all of the VMs created new minondoa major DRM4G-X.X.X DRM4G
#6019 Enable the DRM4G to dinamically create VMs new minondoa major DRM4G
#6024 Add a new command to destroy specific VMs new minondoa major DRM4G
#6025 Add a way in which to dinamically create and destroy VMs new minondoa major DRM4G
#6027 DRM4G can't send passwords using OpenSSH new minondoa major DRM4G-X.X.X DRM4G
#6029 [C4I] Integrate KNMI drupal content at Downscaling TAB new major DP2.1-ESGF DownscalingPortal
#6030 [C4I] Put Downscaling observations as netCDF timeseries in the basket new major DP2.1-ESGF DownscalingPortal
#6033 The list of hosts updates itself too slowly new minondoa major DRM4G-X.X.X DRM4G
#6035 Improve the exception events management on logging new major UDG-TDS-5.0.0 UDG
#6036 Only one VM contextualisation file is being created for different resources using a same machine new minondoa major DRM4G
#6050 Optimize the modules drm4g.core.tm_mad’s function "_update_com" new minondoa major DRM4G-X.X.X DRM4G
#6066 Use case for Cloud resources new minondoa critical AWS DRM4G
#6087 The commmand "drm4g clear" accepts wrong input new minondoa minor DRM4G-X.X.X DRM4G
#6096 Not to let the DRM4G stop without checking for pending VMs new minondoa major DRM4G-X.X.X DRM4G
#5980 Add variable interpolation capabilities to catalog.xml files assigned antonio minor UDG-TDS-5.0.0 UDG
#5998 Create new Metalink generator following the RFC Metalink 4 assigned antonio major DP2.1-ESGF DownscalingPortal
#6117 Show dataset URL to allow access from R assigned zequi minor ThreddsAdminPanel
#1815 Adding Land-Sea Mask to models accepted juaco major UserDataGateway
#5952 Publish a public version of the DP source code into GitHub accepted antonio major DownscalingPortal
#6098 Inclusión de un procesador intermedio en WPS accepted antonio major WRF4G
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