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Ticket Summary Status Owner Priority Milestone Component
#40 Relación de sesiones relevantes en la EGU2010 new gutierjm critical Web
#6045 Bloquear filtros C4I ESGF search en Downscaling viewer new critical DP2.1-ESGF DownscalingPortal
#31 Crear nueva máquina virtual para ui01 new valva major Cluster
#5936 Directorio de configuración local no se actualiza new carlos major WRF4G
#5944 Test on MACOSX new major DRM4G
#5951 Migrate DP source to GitBucket assigned antonio major DownscalingPortal
#5954 Create a Dataset for ESGF-CMIP5 new antonio major DownscalingPortal
#5955 Create a download script for ESGF dataset new antonio major DownscalingPortal
#5958 Netcdf metadata for downscling results accepted antonio major DP2.1-ESGF DownscalingPortal
#5987 Use Boto 3 to visulaize AWS' expenses new minondoa major AWS DRM4G
#5988 Management of the virtual machines with Boto 3 new minondoa major AWS DRM4G
#6023 Try defining a POD resource new minondoa major DRM4G
#6034 Expand the wiki's 'InterMapTxt' new antonio major DRM4G_Wiki
#6082 Cloud resource keys new minondoa major DRM4G-X.X.X DRM4G
#6088 [Special ticket] Generar landing page C4I-DP con descripción del servicio assigned antonio major DP2.1-ESGF DownscalingPortal
#6093 Modifying cloud resources while being used new minondoa major DRM4G-X.X.X DRM4G
#6094 Add an "Updating the DRM4G" section new minondoa major DRM4G_Wiki
#6109 Write a warning about using ''vm_config" new major DRM4G-2.6.5 DRM4G
#6111 Implement the cloud resource configuration key "soft_billing" new major DRM4G-2.6.5 DRM4G
#6112 Use the "cloudsetup.json" for Amazon's resources new major DRM4G-2.6.5 DRM4G
#6118 Quality checker para CORDEX FPS-CPCM new zequi major Otro
#289 Add a re-checking option by checksum for one or several files already downloaded new minor ESGFToolsUIPanel_v1.0 ESGFToolsUIPanel
#5921 Comprobar servicios asíncronos WPS new minor DownscalingPortal/RESTAPI
#5922 Acoplar DRM4G al servicio WPS para el lanzamiento de jobs en colas new minor DownscalingPortal/RESTAPI
#6042 I don't have the requiered permissions to see the RoadMap in the Trac new antonio minor Wiki
#20 Renovar certificados de RedIris new lluis trivial Cluster
#5935 WRF4G and DRM4G licence new carlos trivial WRF4G
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