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To Get Sculpted body

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Your time move slowly and really exaggerate where those feet in those hands are going to go got ten seconds left 5 for 3 to one back that jog in place Hugo’s feet move in did if you want to make it harder just move to speak with your surgery picking those knees up higher to get more into a heavy otherwise just keep this feature for back and forth and we're switchbacks that play that planks lap so drop down to push a position also in his hands back and forth left and the right shoulder right hand left shoulder keep those hips nice and low that full plank position keep those lines open breathing normally anytime you're really engaging those core muscles that makes it much more difficult to breeze your buys your kind of Vivabiotics want you to try to hold your breath to stabilize as a dull muscles if you keep those lines open and breathe normally it's actually make there's a down muscles have to work a lot harder you can get a lot more out of it so always keep reading got five seconds left so we stand up 3 to want to go and stand back up that join place got a one more round the study jacks we're starting up here in five seconds 4 3 to wind and stardom up last rather starter jacks River pausing halfway through the regular jumping jack motion that bottom to the top just pausing the middle halfway through that region motion keep those arms and legs nice and rigid keep those core muscles nice and tight breathing normally 20 seconds left just ten more seconds keep going keep everything nice in a rigid 5 for 3 to one and let it relax nicely done our next two exercises are going to be lateral Havana honey Jack so it's going get ready and started with that lateral up this mean nice quick motion left to right jumping as wide as you can the idea is to get as much distance left to right as possible rather than straight up you want to keep those hips as Lowe as you can to the ground and try to focus on just getting as much distance left to right as possible just keep that motion nice and slow under control if you need a ill would have a break on those ankles in.

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