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Stable DRM4G Release 2.5.1

This release makes it possible to connect to a resource through the ssh protocol via OpenSSH's API as Paramiko's.

Release notes

New features

  • Ticket #6004 : Now DRM4G can use OpenSSH to access a resource, examples are shown here.

Encountered issues

  • Ticket #5993 : When using OpenSSH as the communicator, if the default path to the sockets is too long, the will be created under ~/.ssh/drm4g.
  • Ticket #5994 : Now OpenSSH's configuration files will be automatically created under the $DRM4G_DIR path.
  • Ticket #6005 : Now it's possible to define multiple resources each with a different ssh communicator.

Other resolved issues

  • Ticket #5965 : If you misspell a drm4g command you will be prompted with the most similar existing command.
  • Ticket #5975 : The ssh connections close themselves.
  • Ticket #5982 : The DRM4G now uses it's own implementation of ssh-copy-id.
  • Ticket #5995 : nano is now DRM4G's default editor.
  • Ticket #5999 : The funtion str.format() isn't used anymore.
  • Ticket #6000 : The character '~' isn't used anymore to refer to the user's home directory.