Stable DRM4G Release 2.6.0

This release makes it possible to use the cloud services of the EGI Federated Cloud to create Virtual Machines (VMs) and use them as hosts to submit jobs to.

Release notes

New features

  • Now the DRM4G can manage VMs. A guide on how to do this is shown here ( ticket #5997 )

Resolved issues

  • The DRM4G will not submit jobs to the resources defined with the purpose of creating VMs ( ticket #6010 )
  • The command dmr4g resource list --all has been added to keep track of all available resources, regardless of their purpose ( ticket #6012 and #6017 )
  • The wiki now explains how to use the new features added to the DRM4G ( ticket #6016 )
  • To avoid possible conflicts and errors, even if the command drm4g resource destroy is meant to destroy all VM instances, they are erased one by one ( ticket #6026 )
  • A couple of new configuration keys have been added to help configure the VMs ( ticket #6052 )
  • The auto complete script "" has been updated to take into account the newly added commands ( ticket #6055 )

Other resolved issues

  • Now the drm4g clear command can recognize the users input and clears all of the jobs properly ( ticket #5945 )
  • Now the drm4g stop command doesn't release the control of the terminal until the DRM4G has fully stopped ( ticket #5964 )
  • If you write the an incorrect key value in your configuration file, the DRM4G will notify you ( ticket #6011 )
  • It has been documented in the wiki that including the colon character (":") in the name of a resource could cause problems ( ticket #6015 )
  • The command drm4g id <resource_name> init works properly now ( ticket #6022 )
  • An issue with the logger when using Paramiko as the communicator has been fixed ( ticket #6038 )
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