Stable DRM4G Release 2.6.1

This release makes some small improvements over the previous release.

Release notes

New features

  • Now you have access to the VM contextualisation file and you can specify an alternative file for the DRM4G to use ( ticket #6037 )
  • The drm4g command options have been expanded ( ticket #6059 )

Resolved issues

  • When using OpenSSH as the communicator the DRM4G will attempt to delete the unused socket directory ( ticket #6006 )
  • Any mention of the function "checkOutLock" has been removed and the function has been deleted from the communicators ( ticket #6049 )
  • The resource configuration value "ssh" has been changed to "pk_ssh" ( ticket #6051 and ticket:6082#comment:1 )
  • The resource configuration key "cloud" has been changed to "cloud_provider" ( ticket #6056 and ticket:6082#comment:2 )
  • The command drm4g conf now works properly ( ticket #6060 )
  • The resource configuration key "node" has been changed to "instances" ( ticket:6082#comment:3 )
  • The DRM4G package "fedcloud" has been renamed to "rocci" ( ticket:6082#comment:4 )

Other resolved issues

More than one resource can be defined with the same name
Cloud use cases
The Installing Extras section on Installation Wiki needs a review
Discuss the use of Libcloud
Remove all version author revision tags in .py files

Known bugs

  • The DRM4G doesn't work properly if all of the loggers and handlers are set to level "DEBUG" ( ticket #6084 )
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