Stable DRM4G Release 2.6.2

This release is allows the DRM4G to manage various hundred of thousands of jobs.

Release notes

Resolved issues

  • An entry has been added to the FAQ page ( ticket #6008 )
  • Some improvements have been made on how jobs are managed ( tickets #6062 and #6063 ) :
    1. Now connections between the gwd and the scheduler are recycled to get jobs' information
    2. A FIFO queue has been added to manage a large number of jobs in the scheduler
  • The resource configuration value "ssh" has been restored and "pk_ssh" will also be kept ( ticket:6082#comment:6 )

Other resolved issues

The command "drm4g stop" doesn't work sometimes
Add a problem solving section to the wiki
Add test scripts to DRM4G's package

Known bugs

  • The DRM4G doesn't work properly if all of the loggers and handlers are set to level "DEBUG" ( ticket #6084 )
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