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Is GridWay and DRM4G's source code available?

Yes, you can download from source code

How can I compile it?

  • Unpack the source code:
    [user@mycomputer~]$ tar xzf gw_drm4g_source_code.tar.gz
  • Run configure to setup GridWay installation:
    [user@mycomputer~]$ cd ./gw_drm4g_source_code
    [user@mycomputer~]$ ./configure --prefix=/home/user/drm4g
  • Run make to build and install:
    [user@mycomputer~]$ make
    [user@mycomputer~]$ make install
  • Set GW_LOCATION to indicate where GridWay location directory is:
    [user@mycomputer~]$ export GW_LOCATION=/home/user/drm4g
  • Run make to install DRM4G:
    [user@mycomputer~]$ cd ./DRM4G
    [user@mycomputer~]$ make install
    [user@mycomputer~]$ unset GW_LOCATION 

Can I use DRM4G if my computing resource has a special requirement?

Yes, you can send us a ticket with your requirements, and we will provide you a DRM4G plugin for your resource.

Can I submit MPI jobs by using DRM4G?

Yes, there are two variables: NP and PPN which help you to do that.

How many jobs can I submit?

You can submit 200,000 jobs.