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    Insert an alphabetic list of all wiki pages into the output.

    Accepts a prefix string as parameter: if provided, only pages with names that start with the prefix are included in the resulting list. If this parameter is omitted, all pages are listed. If the prefix is specified, a second argument of value hideprefix can be given as well, in order to remove that prefix from the output.

    Alternate format and depth named parameters can be specified:

    • format=compact: The pages are displayed as comma-separated links.
    • format=group: The list of pages will be structured in groups according to common prefix. This format also supports a min=n argument, where n is the minimal number of pages for a group.
    • format=hierarchy: The list of pages will be structured according to the page name path hierarchy. This format also supports a min=n argument, where higher n flatten the display hierarchy
    • depth=n: limit the depth of the pages to list. If set to 0, only toplevel pages will be shown, if set to 1, only immediate children pages will be shown, etc. If not set, or set to -1, all pages in the hierarchy will be shown.
    • include=page1:page*2: include only pages that match an item in the colon-separated list of pages. If the list is empty, or if no include argument is given, include all pages.
    • exclude=page1:page*2: exclude pages that match an item in the colon- separated list of pages.

    The include and exclude lists accept shell-style patterns.


    Generate a table of contents for the current page or a set of pages. If no arguments are given, a table of contents is generated for the current page, with the top-level title stripped:


    To generate a table of contents for a set of pages, simply pass them as comma separated arguments to the TOC macro, e.g. as in

    [[TOC(TracGuide, TracInstall, TracUpgrade, TracIni, TracAdmin, TracBackup,
          TracLogging, TracPermissions, TracWiki, WikiFormatting, TracBrowser,
          TracRoadmap, TracChangeset, TracTickets, TracReports, TracQuery,
          TracTimeline, TracRss, TracNotification)]]

    A wildcard '*' can be used to fetch a sorted list of all pages starting with the preceding pagename stub:

    [[TOC(Trac*, WikiFormatting, WikiMacros)]]

    The following control arguments change the default behaviour of the TOC macro:

    Argument Meaning
    heading=<x> Override the default heading of "Table of Contents"
    noheading Suppress display of the heading.
    depth=<n> Display headings of subsequent pages to a maximum depth of <n>.
    inline Display TOC inline rather than as a side-bar.
    sectionindex Only display the page name and title of each page in the wiki section.
    titleindex Only display the page name and title of each page, similar to TitleIndex.
    notitle Supress display of page title.

    For 'titleindex' argument, an empty pagelist will evaluate to all pages:

    [[TOC(titleindex, notitle, heading=All pages)]]

    'sectionindex' allows to generate a title index for all pages in a given section of the wiki. A section is defined by wiki page name, using '/' as a section level delimiter (like directories in a file system). Giving '/' or '*' as the page name produces the same result as 'titleindex' (title of all pages). If a page name ends with a '/', only children of this page will be processed. Else the page given in the argument is also included, if it exists. For 'sectionindex' argument, an empty pagelist will evaluate to all page below the same parent as the current page:

    [[TOC(sectionindex, notitle, heading=This section pages)]]