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DRM4G Internal Meetings

Meeting 2016-11-25

Date and time
25th of November, 12:30
Estimated duration
90 minutes
Summoned attendees
Antonio Minondo and Carlos Blanco
Discussed topics
  1. What to include in the milestone DRM4G-2.6.0:

    and what to leave for DRM4G-2.6.1

  2. Decide what to do about the following tickets:

    The command "drm4g stop" doesn't work sometimes
    New section for cloud
    The list of hosts updates itself too slowly
    Create a configuration file from where to read the contextualisation text
    An error of the logger is causing problems

Decisions made
Forthcoming actions to be made
  • Test a POD resource (ticket #6023)
  • Document a new section about cloud (ticket #6016)
  • Open tickets in FedCloud detailing problems encountered with certain sites (ticket #6040)